Daily Digest for
Friday, October 21, 2016

Today's Headlines

Frustrated Largo homeowners settle with city months after sewage backups ravage homes | Tampa Bay Times

Critics: Poor water management will lead to shortages for some | News-Press

Century addressing sewage spill | Pensacola News Journal

Deadman’s Island is focus of committee | Gulf Breeze News

King Tides Hitting Central Florida’s Beaches | WMFE

Lake Okeechobee releases to St. Lucie River cut to 756 million gallons daily | TCPalm

Red tide continues to menace Collier County | WINK

Gulliford seeking $7.5M for dunes restoration project; says acting now could save millions | Jacksonville Daily Record

Sunshine City? More like the Leaky City: St. Petersburg's sewage problem tied to pipe leaks | Tampa Bay Times

Water treatment plant to get $10M overhaul | Gainesville Sun

Nature lovers weigh in on idea of Bull Creek land swap | Florida Today

70,000 gallons of irrigation water spills on Tram Road | Tallahassee Democrat

St. Pete Council agrees to spend an additional $3 million to continue sewer repairs, replacements | Saint Petersblog

Project nominations for RESTORE Act funding | Hernando Sun

Editorials, Op-Eds, and Columns

Thumb down: Does Trump understand our water problems? | TCPalm

Ron Littlepage: Definition of insanity is funding beach renourishment, over and over again | Florida Times Union

Water-related Items from Public Meeting Agendas

Sarasota and Charlotte Counties to Discuss RESTORE Funding Projects

Sunrise to Amend Injection Well Contract with Youngquist Brothers

Sunrise to Award Membrane Replacement Project at WTP

Broward County to Award $150k to Sunrise for Reuse System Design

Palm Coast to Purchase Wetland Mitigation Credits

North Miami to Urge Municipalities in Miami-Dade to Eliminate Septic Tanks

North Miami to Award Chemical Purchase

Journal Articles, Theses, and Technical Reports

Sustainability, Vol. 8, Pages 1060: Deep-Learning-Based Approach for Prediction of Algal Blooms | Sustainability